By Felix Salmon
April 6, 2011
NYT, Slate

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Krugman vs Weisberg on Paul Ryan’s budget ideas — NYT, Slate

Why are CDs 74 minutes long? ‘cos that’s the length of the 1951 Furtwängler/Bayreuther Festspiele’s Beethoven 9 — MR

WSJ gets its hands on an important Berkshire Hathaway memo, then infuriatingly refuses to publish it — WSJ (Update: They’ve put it up now.)

NYT gets its hands on an important Nuclear Regulatory Commission memo, then infuriatingly refuses to publish it — NYT

“This article has been corrected. The car statistics initially gave the 0-62 mph time as 3.7 inches instead of 3.7 seconds.” — WSJ

Serif Gotham is not a change I can believe in. — Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Wherein @moorehn starts her new blog with an admonition: “Don’t call it a blog” — Marketplace


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Sorry, but the Slate article ignores how Medicare Advantage has exacerbated cost issues, while presenting false choices (as if people are stepping up to defend the current system?) When someone is given to providing false choices, it is a strong sign that they are of poor rhetorical skills.

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Hi Felix
The Berkshire Memo is infact linked in the WSJ article.

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No — they are in fact of strong rhetorical skills, but poor logical skills.


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