By Felix Salmon
April 12, 2011
Business Standard

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The Ceglia vs Zuckerberg lawsuit just got interesting. The emails which Facebook says are fake don’t seem that way to me — TBI

Traffic to NYT down between 5 and 15 percent in the wake of the paywall — Hitwise

Greek Debt – the Endgame Scenarios by Buchheit & Gulati — SSRN

Ikea’s U.S. factory churns out unhappy workers — LAT

Alma Guillermoprieto on the Mexican cooking of Diana Kennedy — NYRB

Microlender default alert! The financial crunch for Indian microfinance institutions is deepening — Business Standard

Wherein Aunt Thelma seeks to join Mrs Watanabe in playing the global carry trade, and is dissuaded by her nephew — Reuters

From the desk of Donald J Trump: “Graydon – I know far more about you than you know about me” — VF

With notably rare exceptions, the carry trade is a bonafide strategy that works well over time — Reuters


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Incidentally, this is purely anecdotal, but does it seem like the density of NYT links from google news is down since the beginning of the month? I could imagine their algorithm saying, “people are clicking less on the NYT links” (to conserve their articles for later in the month) “so we should prefer apparently more popular news sites.” Note that, under the initial plan (in which google news hits don’t count toward your quota), this wouldn’t be a factor to the extent that web surfers are rational (and would likely be much smaller in practice than it is now).

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Actually, if people are engaging in precautionary savings of NYT clicks, perhaps the click-through rate from google news will pick up near the end of the month, both among people who have already hit their quota and people who saved more clicks than they needed to. Even supposing this is true, and supposing the other guess about the google news algorithm, I don’t know how quickly google news would respond to this change, but it will be interesting to see whether google news seems to link to the NYT more often around month boundaries than in the middle of months.

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