April 18, 2011

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Did Cisco kill Flip to prevent it from cannibalizing Webex? — Rexblog

For the 400 U.S. taxpayers with the highest adjusted gross income, the effective federal income tax rate—what they actually pay—fell from almost 30 percent in 1995 to just under 17 percent in 2007 — BusinessWeek

Aunt Jemima Blueberry Waffles contain no blueberries — Tampa Bay

Revolving door of the day: Bank of America hires ex-SEC official Gary Lynch — Reuters, see also NYT

Lessig’s new slideshow, Code is Law — Tumblr

John Hempton on Roddy Boyd on AIG — Bronte Capital

“I realized that pretty much everyone on the front page serp of just about any competitive niche WASN’T playing by whitehat rules” — Kris Roadruck

Sock puppet du jour: Scott Adams — Gawker

Public transit’s problem is overstaffing, not wages — Market Urbanism

Jonathan Levin wins the John Bates Clark medal — Economist

David Foster Wallace and the Literary Tax Accountant — NYT

Moments of Zen In Sam Sifton’s Restaurant Reviews — Eater

Wired’s Newest iPad Issue Boasts Its Best Feature Yet: Free — All Things D

Flash dash! ETN goes from $46 to $3,486 in three minutes — Themis

Algo sales monkey — Careerbuilder

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