By Felix Salmon
April 20, 2011

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2D Glasses — Gizmodo

The Animated S&P Downgrade Warning — ZH

Brokers/scalpers won’t like this: Ticketmaster moving to flexible ticket pricing — LAT

Only 16 percent of Americans want the debt ceiling raised — WaPo


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Hey Hsvitty… did you see the story about the 1st big fish executive going down for mortgage fraud? 9/mortgage-fraud-farkas-idUSN19963912011 0419

It looks like the goverment will go after the most obviously guilty. I’m not at all fimiliar with the case but the 14 for 14 conviction rate makes me think this was a real case and not some Barry Bonds witch hunt.

Hopefully this won’t be the last.

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Thanks y2kurtus. I lost my dad recently, so wasn’t aware. Hopefully there are still more being investigated. I really appreciate your pointing me to the article.

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quite sorry for your loss hsvkitty.

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Sorry to hear that, hsvkitty.

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Thank you very much. I spent the time I usually write here writing about my dad for the family memory table so you might say my loss was your gain.

I know some of you think I trump up foreclosuregate info, but it is staggeringly real. Should you care to look at this post, it gives a whole new meaning to the judges rubber stamping and the rocket dockets. [to save time the judge hands his stamps to the banks lawyers] utrage-of-the-day-exactly-who-runs-the-c ourtroom/

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