April 25, 2011

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An aerial-photography history of Chicago, 1985 to 2010 — Chicago Tribune

Burkhard Bilger’s profile of David Eagleman is one of the great magazine articles of all time — TNY

“The weak form of Arrow’s Theorem is that any result can be published no more than five times. The strong form is that every result will be published five times.” — Gelman

The hateful Jonathan Franzen — FS

“Things White People Like” should really be renamed “Things Mac People Like” — Hunchblog

Is the NYT paywall a strategic move in peacetime or a tactical move in wartime? — Ben’s blog

“The proper effect of philosophy is to make people exquisitely alert to their assumptions, sensitive to the rigor of their analyses, and—truth be told—permanently uncomfortable about the validity of their conclusions.” — TED

Scrabble, explained — Dinosaur Comics

Agency theory of nonprofits — Guan

Getting Shot by an RPG: My first reflection on conflict photography — Sebastian Meyer

Sebastian Junger Remembers Tim Hetherington — VF

Vancouver Bubble Watch: 25-Person Bidding War — Kedrosky

Wherein the World Economic Forum goes beyond parody — Tumblr

Banking Groups Stir Consumer Fears on Debit Card Regulations via Twitter — ProPublica


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