April 26, 2011

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The economics of modeling for Elite Models in Paris — Dis

National Geographic buys Scienceblogs — Retraction Watch (see also Pharyngula)

How can BankAtlantic Bancorp have negative shareholder equity and still be in business? — Crain’s

Wired’s gorgeous-looking web feature on bike messengers — Wired

The Beastie Boys’ new album, streaming online — Beastie Boys

“Before I started working on this article, I thought about trying to set up the interviews by post. I didn’t think about it very long” — LRB

“I did it for fifteen years. Magazine people would say to me, ‘How do you keep up the pace?’ and newspaper people would say, ‘What else do you do?’” — Trillin

I’m a huge fan of Miller-McCune. Long may it surprise and delight! — Romenesko

1,2,3 — YouTube, Ariely, Rhian Salmon

A sucker is born every minute. And many of those suckers are also known as “qualified investors” — Reporter News


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