Keynes vs Hayek: The ultimate smackdown

By Felix Salmon
April 28, 2011

The long-awaited second round of Keynes vs Hayek is out, and it’s spectacular. As you might imagine from something written by Russ Roberts and funded by the Mercatus Center, Hayek gets the better of the fight — but Keynes gets to make all his best points. And the production values rock.

This is the best macroeconomic debate I’ve ever seen — put your headphones on, enjoy the next ten minutes, and look out for cameos from Ludwig von Mises and Thomas Malthus.


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And where is it?

Posted by seanmatthews | Report as abusive

The first minute is kind of dumb, but once the fight starts, this is pure genius.

I had to circulate it immediately to some freinds and family.

Posted by EconWatcher | Report as abusive