By Felix Salmon
April 30, 2011

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“Recent investments include $3.50 for a controlling stake in the editorial integrity of” — Techcrunch

Sheelah Kolhatkar on Donald Trump — Businessweek

Amazon explains what went wrong with its cloud — Amazon

Why John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate — NYT

First and Second Avenue Redesigns Are a Success — Streetsblog

The guy who wants to buy the Boston Globe has “spent months researching the media business” — Boston

Here Is The Worst Thing Ever Written About The Conflict In Libya Or About Cappuccino — HuffPo

Highly critical report on EPA’s Office of Civil Rights — WaPo

“On pages 5·130 and 6·98, the recipe for Sous Vide Pigeon Offal should call for 150 g of pigeon gizzards” — Modernist Cuisine

Inside The Frick’s Secret Rooms — Gothamist

French planes have started dropping bomb-shaped chunks of concrete in Libya — Atlantic Wire

Old Fashioned In The Rocks — YouTube

Ordinary people getting married — Atlantic

The F.D.I.C.’s Lehman Fantasy — NYT

Steven Boone on the soup kitchens of Toronto and New York — Capital

David Hume’s Tercentenary: So When Do The Celebrations Start? — Bella Caledonia

Why text shouldn’t be laid out in columns for browsers & apps, even tho it’s easier than ever to do so — Subtraction

HuffPo’s huge, must-read piece on the politics of swipe fees — HuffPo

Mathematician rediscovers ‘perfect’ voting system: the random ballot — New Scientist

Citigroup will pay Ben Stein $45k for not giving a speech — Bloomberg

Visa Invests in Mobile Payment Company Square — All Things D

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