May 3, 2011

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Safe Savings Rates: A New Approach to Retirement Planning over the Life Cycle — FPA

How America went from surpluses to deficits — WaPo

“We don’t need to be told every time something breaks on Twitter. Once per year is probably enough.” — Brian Van

Did quantitative analysis and movie modelling algorithms kill Anchorman 2? — Slate

GeoEye publishes post-raid satellite image of Bin Laden compound — Ogle Earth, ibid

Tweets per second, evening of May 1, 2011 — Flickr

The front page the NYT tore up last night, and its replacement — Flickr

The St. Louis Fed Guide To Our Unemployment Nightmare — TBI

Ritholtz 1-0 Schiller — TBP

Are law school merit scholarships a scam? — NYT

Sleepwalking through America’s Unemployment Crisis by Mohamed El-Erian — Project Syndicate

What I learned in econ grad school — Noahpinion

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