May 4, 2011

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I’ll happily outsource the job of blogging Carmen Reinhart’s financial repression paper to Ryan Avent — Economist

Bike paths mean higher house prices — Crikey

If you’re going out with someone who writes a song about you, that’s not a good sign — Economist

According to Nielsen, most TV-less households do not have Internet access — NYT

El-Erian: “The time has come for Europe to recognize the need for a meaningful mid-course correction to its approach to the Greek debt crisis” — Reuters

Ned Gramlich’s three reasons why the Fed didn’t crack down on mortgage lenders — DeLong

Deutsche Bank literally stuffed critical assessments of its mortgages in a closet — WSJ

Mike Bloomberg’s job-creation strategy based on immigration reform — Mike Bloomberg

Save Bowne! (The small letterpress shop closed by the South Street Seaport Museum.) Party on Thursday — Friends of Bowne

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