By Felix Salmon
May 6, 2011

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Business Class News — iA

“Appealing to the sort of person who actually likes food has never been Sbarro’s strong point” — Slate

What uses more energy: central air, or a window unit? — Slate

NYT backtracking on its 300k goal for digital subscribers — PC


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The business class analogy doesn’t work for me because the added cost of business class flights is usally paid by someone (e.g., an employer) other than the consumer, unlike news. And it only takes a relatively small number of business class fliers to turn a profit. I wonder how many “business class readers” it would take for a newspaper.

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Agreed, business versus economy class is a bad analogy. I always buy economy, but fly (read) frequently enough to have elite status and get upgraded to business fairly frequently. I don’t pay anything extra for the privilege. I don’t see an “elite” reader being rewarded in the same way.

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Just thinking out loud but why can’t that be an option? For example, you read x amount of free articles this month, so next month you’ll be credited with 1 free week of business class news. This would have several benefits for the media outlet. For one, it would give a browser of free content a compelling reason to actually sign up for an account, providing advertisers with better information to target ads. Also, this would be a carrot to drive up return page views (and consequently ad revenue). At the same time, it’s giving users limited tastes of how much better life could be with paid business class.

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