May 9, 2011

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Should we be worried about ETFs failing to settle? — CNBC

Great Donald MacKenzie essay on high-frequency trading, algos, and the flash crash — LRB

Greg Mortenson and CAI Roll Out a Defense — Outside

Is Going Public Going Out of Style? — CFO

Hasidic Paper Removes Hillary Clinton From Osama Picture — Failed Messiah

Masnick on Groupon: “claiming that the company is overvalued because the ‘idea’ is too easy makes little sense” — Techdirt

Intriguing pages from Nassim Taleb’s new book — Facebook

Carlos Slim, push-poller — Reuters

Alex Leo on The Four Kinds of NYT Headlines — Tumblr

“Which of the two numbers should you believe? The short answer is the job-growth number” — NYT

Don’t Leak to the Wall Street Journal’s New Wikileaks Knockoff — Gawker


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