By Felix Salmon
May 10, 2011
All Things D

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Microsoft Will Announce Acquisition of Skype — All Things D

Dongarra estimates that a dual-core Linpack run on the iPad 2 will yield performance of between 1.5 and 1.65 gigaflops — TUAW

UltraShort 20 Yr Treasury ETF (TBT) performance simulator — Symmetric Info

“Di Tzeitung explained that it has a long-standing editorial policy to never publish photographs of women” — Telegraph

Philadelphia has, per capita, twice as many cycling commuters as any other big city in the US — CBS Local

A (hard) Greek restructuring by the numbers — Alphaville


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Your “counterparties” rarely get comments but I would like to say that they are an excellent overview of the Web and are now a ‘must read’ for me.

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Felix, thought of you on the issue of art and valuation, when watching Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Mr. Brainwash seems to have accomplished a Homer.

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Back in the early 1990s, I used to run Linpack on the fastest workstations of the day, with lesser numbers (Jack Dongarra’s been around for a long time). However, today with GPUs from NVIDIA, we’re talking teraFLOPS.

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive  /10/how-greece-could-avoid-triggering-a -lehman-moment/

your take on your fellow breakingviews bloggers fix-it-all for Greece and Europe?


Posted by REDruin | Report as abusive

@Curmudgeon, if we’re talking about Linpack specifically, and not about theoretical max performance, the only NVIDIA card that can do 1 teraflop is the 4-GPU Tesla S2050.

Posted by Nameless | Report as abusive

@Nameless, I was actually thinking of some of the systems that ship with 960 cores.

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive

Do you mean Tesla S1070? dia_graphics_cards#Tesla

It might do 1 teraflop, but only in single precision.

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I too appreciate your counter-parties heads up for headlines, but I also miss your meaty posts on Goldman and the Ags and the neverending financial crisis, being it ain’t over ’til it’s over. 11/goldman-sachs-hit-with-more-subpoenas -on-abacus-deals/

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