By Felix Salmon
May 12, 2011

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NYT pageviews drop 24% in April — AdAge

HSBC still hasn’t resumed foreclosures — HuffPo

“One of the odder lots is a crystal decanter filled with a mysterious brown liquid” — Bloomberg

Pondering the ontology of the “exclusive Gaga unicorn”, and wondering what exactly “exclusive” means in this context — TBI

Only 14% of Afghan army and police recruits are literate. Not a single soldier one company needing medevac knew their coordinates — Guardian

The Gaussian Copula Function, tattooed — Tumblr

What To Do If Your Wallet is Stolen — Credit

James Stewart to take over Nocera’s Sat column at NYT — TBN

On the Treasury‚Äôs Curious Denial That Geithner Blocked Deal on Irish Debt — NC


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You, and General Caldwell, seem surprised by this:”Not a single soldier one company needing medevac knew their coordinates.” But billions of people in the world do fine without cartesian geography. Directions all over the world are like “Go to the corner with the big pine tree where the Iranian used to have a cafe” and everyone in town knows where that is. Here in Latin America many streets have no names, and entire countries go without numeric street addresses. I would bet you 50 cents that what Caldwell calls “describing the place” was exactly this sort of folk-GPS. Maybe the problem isn’t the Afghans, but the fact that they are trying to work with a bunch of foreigners who lack deep knowledge of the local geography.

That said, yes, people should learn to read maps :)

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The way i see it, i am always at (0,0).

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@Setty, Joseph Conrad would understand what that statistic means. We shouldn’t be there.

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Felix, here is a juicy read about an Assistant AG caught moonlighting as a ROBOSIGNER along with her sister-in-law. The corruption runs deep…

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