May 12, 2011

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NYT pageviews drop 24% in April — AdAge

HSBC still hasn’t resumed foreclosures — HuffPo

“One of the odder lots is a crystal decanter filled with a mysterious brown liquid” — Bloomberg

Pondering the ontology of the “exclusive Gaga unicorn”, and wondering what exactly “exclusive” means in this context — TBI

Only 14% of Afghan army and police recruits are literate. Not a single soldier one company needing medevac knew their coordinates — Guardian

The Gaussian Copula Function, tattooed — Tumblr

What To Do If Your Wallet is Stolen — Credit

James Stewart to take over Nocera’s Sat column at NYT — TBN

On the Treasury‚Äôs Curious Denial That Geithner Blocked Deal on Irish Debt — NC


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