By Felix Salmon
May 13, 2011
Symmetric Info

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More levered ETF performance simulators — Symmetric Info

Seniors, Guns and Money — Krugman

I wonder how much money various trustees, lawyers, and fund managers have extracted from this fortune over 92 years — Daily

Yunus Resigns — Tumblr

Big Joshua Yaffa profile of Tufte — Washington Monthly

Fun With Charts: Making the Rich Look Poor — Drum

Has anybody used data search tool Zanran? Looks like it could be very useful — Zanran


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Jon Goldhill – Zanran

Posted by JonGoldhill | Report as abusive

One of my mates tested Zanran and came back with the comment “seems to only find PDFs.”

Planning to look at it this weekend, but that would pretty limit its usefulness.

Posted by klhoughton | Report as abusive

The “lower half problem” doesn’t just go away. The added power just made the corruption and “lower half problem” harder to cover up. ique-strauss-kahns-lower-half-problem/

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

A little late to the party here, but I just did a brief review at my site here:  /new-research-tool-zanran/

klhoughton is right about the search results, but the tool is more useful than that would imply – pdfs aren’t original data, it’s true, but they are curated in a way that original data are not given that they show you how other people have interacted with a given data set. To me that’s almost as useful, from a research perspective.

Posted by ajw | Report as abusive

Good reply on the aluation blog:

Posted by JonGoldhill | Report as abusive

stylish, easy and restrained