By Felix Salmon
May 16, 2011

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The disgraceful interrogation of LA school librarians — LAT

Great photo of DSK — Coveritlive

A couple of notes about that hotel suite — Tumblr

David Carr’s piece on a Pew study about Drudge has links to neither the study nor the Drudge Report — NYT

Ben Stein, Arabist. Is there no beginning to his talents? — CBS News

LVaR + ETFs = volatility and flash crashes — Reuters

When piracy helps the original: How PDFs Of A Bedtime Book Exploded The Old Publishing Model — Fast Company

As far as you know, what is Reuters? — Tumblr

“Covering conflict is thrilling. Addictively so.” — CLP

How to make wifi work at tech conferences: “Calculate 2.3 devices per attendee” — Nonblocking

“Part of Intellectual Ventures business model is to sell its patents or patent rights to aggressive patent trolls” — Tumblr

The Lilac Continuous Uniform Distribution is my favorite. Formula on the back! — Tumblr

Warhol accounted for $168.7m of the $579.4m raked in at the NYC evening sales this week — Artinfo

“Not all psychopaths are violent! We’ve gotten a bad rap by Hollywood…” — Ronson

Norris on the Friend Finder IPO: “Its largest asset, by far, is good will. Even counting that, it has a negative net worth.” — NYT

UK Judge issues gag order for Twitter — Reuters

Arianna on why people will blog for free: “The truth is, self-expression has become the new entertainment.” — WWD

With almost five million out of work, Spain’s unemployment crisis rages on — Iberosphere

Britain’s government plans to sell off some of its stock of fine wines to pay for cheaper bottles — Reuters


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okay, but where’s the link to DSK’s deal with Air France, so I can “look at it” per your recommendation I do so

Posted by johnhhaskell | Report as abusive

I didn’t realize that he was at a French hotel. That explains why he wasn’t nabbed at the hotel.

Posted by DanHess | Report as abusive

Just because DSK was on “personal business” doesn’t mean he doesn’t have diplomatic immunity through the IMF …

Posted by absinthe | Report as abusive

absinthe: True, but he doesn’t: mm-no-simply-no.html

Posted by guanix | Report as abusive

In the past I have given grief to FSalmon for his continuing attacks on Stein, but the more I read of his work the more I think it’s deserved.

Also, no one seems to be of the opinion that the DSK rape fiasco reeks of a put-up job. Normally I loathe the conspiracy theorist, but this case has some merits as a con… I look forward to reading about actual evidence rather than he said/she said that now destroyed his career.

Posted by CDN_Rebel | Report as abusive

It is may 16th, 2011, CDN_Rebel. Rather than putting on a tinfoil hat, how about just reading that he couldn’t keep it in his pants and covered up MANY previous sexual harrassment and charges of deviance.

Here is a look backward (note the blogger’s name) at some evidence. There is much more finally coming to light being the females he sexually accosted will now be taken seriously, cover-ups uncovered and and charges laid (hopefully) ique-strauss-kahns-lower-half-problem/

Cover ups are how he was able to keep his career. Look forward to reading about that…

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

@hsvkitty I had heard he was certainly a skirt-chaser, but I had never heard that he was ever violent before… all I really remember was an affair he had that went public and cost him his French cabinet position.

My real argument here is that I think the NYPD acted very VERY quickly to make a public spectacle here. Maybe it turns out this is an open-and-shut case and he deserved it, but until I know that it will still be stinky to me that he’s apprehended almost immediately after the initial complaint. I can’t imagine the authorities could have had such certainty that it must be him…? or knew all this back story.

Posted by CDN_Rebel | Report as abusive

I saw this whole thing play out on Law & Order SVU… Liv and Elliot will nail him if he did it.

Of all the stupid things Ben Stein’s come out with this is easily the dumbest.

Posted by y2kurtus | Report as abusive