Felix TV: The next head of the IMF

By Felix Salmon
May 17, 2011
think that Christine Lagarde is going to be the next managing director of the IMF. " data-share-img="" data-share="twitter,facebook,linkedin,reddit,google" data-share-count="true">

Most of this video is reasonably serious: I genuinely do think that Christine Lagarde is going to be the next managing director of the IMF. And it probably won’t take long before she gets the job, either.

At the end, I throw out a very left-field name which almost nobody outside the world of sovereign-debt geeks has ever heard of. But there’s a serious point there: the single biggest job of the IMF managing director is going to be navigating and architecting a round of pretty much unprecedented sovereign-debt restructuring deals. Can Lagarde do that? I don’t know that she can. But there’s one man who undoubtedly can.

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Only if the US gives up the hegemony of the World Bank will an American run the IMF. There is a world outside of America, Felix. And it’s more solvent.

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Felix, I don’t see how you can overlook Paul Wolfowitz. He’s available, he has relevant experience, and he’s assaulted an entire country for no fathomable reason.

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Well, Lagarde is also a former lawyer – so should help her, should she want and get the job. Her English is impeccable and she’s very well respected. And the IMF can of course hire Cleary and others to advise on the technical/legal aspects – the head of the IMF though needs to be able to hang with world leaders on an equal footing – that clearly reduces the pool of candidates. And at this particularly moment, my guess is that it makes sense for a European to get the job – but that’s not to say that an Asian one wouldn’t be helpful too as much of the rebalancing of the global economy will depend on how Asia and of course India/China manage their economy over the next few years. My sense is that having a European at the IMF might help on the EZ sovereign situation – but in global terms (and despite the risk of contagion) these are fairly small matters compared to the effect of addressing global imbalances…

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