By Felix Salmon
May 23, 2011

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Business Insider now doing 2,380 posts per week — Covestor

“City Hall admits to the mistake, and adds that there are no plans to bring porta-potties to the 9/11 memorial site” — Gothamist

“Why all the fuss? It’s merely a bit of hanky-panky with the help,” said Jean-François Kahn, the crusading editor of the left-wing Marianne weekly — Telegraph

Apple makes huge inroads in enterprise as corporate Mac sales surge 66% — Apple Insider

Bill Gates on Charles Kenny — WSJ

DSK’s armed guards cost him $200k/month — NYT

Personally, I’d rather just take a short nap — Lifehacker

Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat sells for $132,000 on eBay — NYDN

The nice people at the New Yorker have unlocked Nick Lemann’s 1999 take-down of McKinsey — TNY

A Week on Foursquare — WSJ

Gwen Robinson on the tragicomedy of Tepco — FT

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Regarding the Apple move in enterprise sales – they have now 3% marketshare and grew 66%, but PCs have 97% marketshare and grew 4.5%… my math might be a little fuzzy but it seems to me that PCs still outsold Mac better than 2:1. While it’s better than 20:1 like it was before iPhone made Apple hip again, it’s still has miles to go to make a real dent.

Posted by CDN_Rebel | Report as abusive

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? It was a bit of a shock that I got a local audio ad in the midst of your Ira Sohn Conference video. (it isn’t on Felix;s list yet)

Although it was somewhat apropos being you were discussing hard core selling, it reminded me my privacy on the internet is a very tenuous thing. Is that really progress? (As you may have guessed, my answer, as a consumer, is no… and it ticked me off)

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

“Dominique Strauss-Kahn is well-known as a seducer,” his official biographer, Michel Taubmann, said. “I can’t believe he would force himself on an unwilling woman. That doesn’t make sense.”

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

@hsvkitty, that’s hilarious. Wasn’t targeted at you, I promise! The producer here in NY just dropped in a YouTube clip from a Winnipeg car dealer, circa 1986…

Posted by FelixSalmon | Report as abusive

HAH! OK that is hilarious! I really thought there was some new technology so that cookies could add ads!

(being that is the new technology being introduced for phones I figured imbedding it in a video might also be possible… crap I hope I didn’t give someone any ideas!)

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive
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