May 24, 2011

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Ryan McCarthy to! VERY excited about this — Romenesko

On McKinseyites, bullet points, and interview technique — Tumblr

Twitter acquires TweetDeck — CNNMoney

NYT social-media guidelines: “use common sense and don’t be stupid” — TBI

Top Ten lines from Charlie Gasparino’s “What I Read” interview — Tumblr

Great moments in US embassy design: ramps incompatible with the US presidential motorcade — Irish Times

Life in Silicon Valley: “we had a couch in the office that was really ugly, and we sold it for $5,000″ — Wired

Fantastic Vanderbilt column on “Children at Play” signs — Slate

LinkedIn, the limerick — Limericks Economiques

“The CPI doesn’t come out until a month after the fact. In turbulent times, that’s too slow.” Really? — TNY

Shiller’s still pushing perpetual GDP bonds. They’re still a bad idea — Fortune, Reuters

NYC Subways That Open into Buildings — Brier


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