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The disgraceful interrogation of LA school librarians — LAT

Great photo of DSK — Coveritlive

A couple of notes about that hotel suite — Tumblr

David Carr’s piece on a Pew study about Drudge has links to neither the study nor the Drudge Report — NYT

Why Lagarde will be the next IMF managing director

It now seems more likely that Dominique Strauss-Kahn will end up in a prison cell than that he will be elected president of France. Either way, his career at the IMF is over, which means that the race to succeed him is on.

The pinot heat debate

It’s a #slatepitch custom-made to warm the cockles of Jacob Weisberg’s heart: In Defense of High-Alcohol Pinot Noir. And Mike Steinberger has delivered it. First, he explains the problem, as he sees it:

Why politicians hate taxes

Ezra Klein wonders what the intellectual justification is for hating on taxes; my question to Ezra is why there needs to be one in the first place. Sure, it’s always nice if a politician can point to an economist or two to provide some pointy-headed backup for his policies. But it’s hardly necessary. Remember that Hilary Clinton, one of the more intelligent and sophisticated politicians in the country, was happy to say that “I’m not going to put my lot in with economists” when she was challenged on the fact that none of them were buying in to her silly idea to suspend the gasoline tax.


More levered ETF performance simulators — Symmetric Info

Seniors, Guns and Money — Krugman

I wonder how much money various trustees, lawyers, and fund managers have extracted from this fortune over 92 years — Daily

The Gaussian copula function tattoo


Heidi Moore has found the owner of the Gaussian copula function tattoo — it’s advertising copywriter Jared Elms.

How to set up an insider-trading network

Do you want to set up a network of insider-trading tipsters? Well, Peter Lattman and Azam Ahmed are here to tell you exactly how to do it, using the secrets of the master of the art form, Raj Rajaratnam.


NYT pageviews drop 24% in April — AdAge

HSBC still hasn’t resumed foreclosures — HuffPo

“One of the odder lots is a crystal decanter filled with a mysterious brown liquid” — Bloomberg

The difference between public and private stock markets

SecondMarket put on a conference in San Francisco this morning, where I got to talk to chief strategy officer (whatever that means) Jeremy Smith. I asked him about my theory that it’s easy to make big acquisitions if you’re public, using a hypothetical Facebook-Skype deal as my example.