By Felix Salmon
June 1, 2011

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Amazing how a 90-second video can make you hate an entire city — Tumblr

In which Donald Boudreaux determines that “life on Earth” = “tornado fatalities in America” — GWPF

Goldman Sachs’s expensive typo — Alphaville


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Of course you hate LA. CA is where all the New Yorkers are working their tails off to retire to. So, they hate it until they’re old, rich and too shriveled up to enjoy it. SoCal is a paradise. Anyone who says otherwise is probably living in a 600 sq ft dump in NYC.

Posted by trader34342 | Report as abusive

Oh I don’t know… I lived in LA region briefly (More time residing in SillyCon Valley) and I never really came to dislike it. Yeah, its focus on the “celebrities,” and other things glam can be grating; nevertheless, it’s a city with a vibe. The Getty, Santa Monica, surfing on Huntington Beach, those are things that are quintessentially LA, and simply unbeatable.
And for crimes against humanity, I was sentenced to NYC in 2009. I’m still serving that sentence, hoping to return to Ess Eff sometime. NYC has one redeeming quality, it makes death a desirable alternative.

Posted by OnkelBob | Report as abusive

Maybe you could have shown a video of NYC paper shufflers treating their hired help (and everybody else who works in a store or restaurant) in the Hamptons like unwanted dogs, and said how that could make you hate an NYC. Or a 350 pound woman in the south making five trips to an all-you-can eat buffet that makes you hate the entire region. Or Christian tea partiers ranting about socialism and immigrants that makes you hate an entire country. Then you could start a jihad.

Is it the foolishly placed house that you don’t like? The actress? What makes you hate a city? Or am I missing some sarcasm here?

Posted by KenG_CA | Report as abusive

Beautiful house, pretty girl, gorgeous weather: what’s not to hate? Man, Felix, there really is something wrong with you.

Posted by FBlair | Report as abusive

My guess is that Boudreaux was inspired by Julian Simon, who reaped marvellous publicity for his own (anti-Multhus) views by winning a bet with Paul Ehrlich.

Of course if you’re going to pull that off, you have to be particular about the terms of the bet.

Simon and Ehrlich narrowed their differences down to a wager over the prices of five metals. That doesn’t mean that life on earth equalled metals prices.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone accepts this proposal. Who will play Ehrlich?

Posted by Christofurio | Report as abusive

So is the message of these videos ‘Come to LA to be an actress and leave either a drug addict or porn star…’ ?

Posted by CDN_Rebel | Report as abusive

Boudreaux’s wager has a problem that, aside from the obvious “3rd world countries don’t count” aspect, you’re also making several other bets: first, that emergency medicine doesn’t continue to improve, and secondly, that building codes don’t change in response to weather-related incidents.

I think it would be better if it were either “death and injuries”

Posted by Machev | Report as abusive

Stop the presses! What you all really need to know is Elmo is feeding your kids the evil leftist socialist pinko commie agenda! ( I wish I was kidding) All that sense of community, bonding, sharing the love? A happy gay guy> Michelle Obama? Pure unadulterated leftist propaganda!

Ben Shapiro will tell you what you didn’t know you were watching. For instance I bet you didn’t know that *MASH* was anti-war and was made to show that war is hell, but did it in a funny way? And here we all thought it was to show war can be fun.

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

Donald Boudreaux wants you bet against humanity and our future rather then do something about it. Nice…of course we will adapt, but if we end up eating each other, does that make him right? So we make more technology that hurts the environment, that saves us today but may kill us tomorrow because speed and money came before safety.

Whoo hooo. Do Remember to eat the banksters and the rich and the likes of Donald Boudreaux first if you have to adapt to having no other source of food for awhile. They won’t taste any better … it is just fitting for people who would bet short on quality life on earth for ALL mankind.

PS: Richard Phillips is a typical middle aged man who understands most men are looking for what he is. The ideal woman: half his age with a face that shows perfect symmetry. It is mesmerizing.

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

I think Mr. Boudreaux is expressing in some manner the frustration that many of us have felt for the last several years at any outlying natural events (yes, even earthquakes) being ascribed to global warming. I don’t think there’s a lot of doubt that the earth is getting warmer; while greenhouse gases are a logical and in many ways a scientifically supportable factor, there may also be other factors, as the earth has gotten warmer and colder throughout geological history.

And yet the relationship between warming and *all* outlying events is either a bad scientific conclusion, or it is not being explained properly. Boudreaux picks up on one badly conceived relationship – that of warming and tornado deaths – and perhaps generalizes too much, but his essential point that tornado deaths is an invalid scientific measure of warming remains correct.

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive

@Curmudgeon, some people can’t grasp that weather and climate change are not the same … Ignorance and denial fan the flames.

No one said there are not other factors in earth warming … but that we are contributing exponentially to it.

Posted by hsvkitty | Report as abusive

Machev: I’m not that sympathetic to Boudreaux’s point of view, but I think his point is that advances such as improved building codes and technology as well as medicine will offset the effects of extreme weather (due to climate change or other things). He wants to make these other bets too because he thinks it’s an important part of how we should evaluate climate change and how lethal it will be.

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