June 9, 2011

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Casey Neistat gets a ticket for not riding his bike in a bike lane. Result=pure genius — YouTube

How do I know Sino-Forest is a fraud? ‘Cos its defenders are citing Benjamin Wey. That Benjamin Wey — Financial Post

65-year-old Chinese painting sells for $65 million at auction — China Daily

Et tu, Fallows? Did Harvard, NYT and Silicon Valley fall for a Facebook bimbot? — Blogads

Tracy Alloway adjudicates the Target2 debate, comes down with the consensus, contra Martin Wolf. But did she ask him? — Alphaville

“Apple is much better at building user-friendly devices than Google, while Google is much better at building scalable network services” — Ars Technica

That Look, That Weiner-Spitzer-Clinton Look — NYT

Alec Baldwin for mayor of NYC — Daily


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