By Felix Salmon
June 9, 2011

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Casey Neistat gets a ticket for not riding his bike in a bike lane. Result=pure genius — YouTube

How do I know Sino-Forest is a fraud? ‘Cos its defenders are citing Benjamin Wey. That Benjamin Wey — Financial Post

65-year-old Chinese painting sells for $65 million at auction — China Daily

Et tu, Fallows? Did Harvard, NYT and Silicon Valley fall for a Facebook bimbot? — Blogads

Tracy Alloway adjudicates the Target2 debate, comes down with the consensus, contra Martin Wolf. But did she ask him? — Alphaville

“Apple is much better at building user-friendly devices than Google, while Google is much better at building scalable network services” — Ars Technica

That Look, That Weiner-Spitzer-Clinton Look — NYT

Alec Baldwin for mayor of NYC — Daily


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Hey Felix, check this out.
You will like it:
„New York Man Gets Ticket For Not Riding In Bike Lane“,
in HuffPost

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One thing that I’ve never really understood: iTunes, one of the flagship products and cash cows of this “interface design” company, looks like ass. It’s an utter mess, like there’s a media player and a record store trapped together for all eternity in this little box, and they hate each other.

Why is that? You’d think this wouldn’t be so hard.

(Part of the answer: Apple design is all about “modes,” but they can’t stand to admit it, because they remember Jeff Raskin explaining how modes were a Bad Thing back in the 1980s. I never know _quite_ what’s going to happen when I press a button on my iPod, because I never know quite what mode it’s in. Had it for five years now, and I’m still not sure what happens if a song is playing but I’m also navigating another playlist and I press the “play” button. iTunes does different things when it’s in “store mode” and “player mode,” but it tries to pretend that it doesn’t have modes at all.)

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ckbryant: A big part of the reason is that there is a Windows version of iTunes. They have already split up a lot of these things in iOS, so iTunes music store is separate from App Store which is separate from iPod. (And in iOS 5, iPod will simply be called Music.)

They could easily do the same on the Mac, but they want the same experience on Windows, and it would probably be too much to ask Windows users to install 3 or 4 different apps for the same functionality.

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