By Felix Salmon
June 15, 2011

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THR rounds up the Spider-Man reviews. They’re bad. Very bad — THR

The 100 greatest non-fiction books — Guardian

How Businesses Fare with Daily Deals: A Multi-Site Analysis of Groupon, Livingsocial, and Opentable, Promotions — SSRN

Wall Street’s The Same as It Ever Was: my contribution to the Atlantic’s Big Ideas issue — Atlantic

Amex’s new no-fee prepaid card looks like it could & should be a game-changer — Bloomberg

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From the Daily Deal paper:

“Comparing responses for the various sites, OpenTable had significantly fewer “Yes” responses
and more “Unsure” responses compared to the other sites.”

“When the study closed in early May 2011, we had received 324 completed
responses, resulting in a response rate of 27%9. The distribution of daily deal sites in the
respondent sample was as follows: Groupon = 150 (or 46.3% of the sample), LivingSocial = 115
(35.5%), OpenTable = 12 (3.7%), Travelzoo = 28 (8.6%) and BuyWithMe = 19 (5.9%).”

I’m no statistician, but how can you draw any conclusion based upon 12 samples of an optional survey?

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Why should Amex’s prepaid card be a game changer? It just looks like a way for banks to continue charging rents in the payments sector to me.

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The reviews aren’t that bad. Brantley is whining about Broadway ticket prices, not the show itself. Having seen one of those 183 previews, I can assure you that the January version would have been treated much more cruelly–and Brantley did treat it as such in February.

The USA Today review is about what I would have expected: they took Miserably Failed Art and tried to make it into something at least the kids could enjoy–by adding a (decent) comic-book writer.

At least they now understand Spider-Man; Taymor’s version looked as if she went to the movie versions, but fell asleep during any of the points that make Peter Parker interesting.

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Here’s a post that mirrors what I said way back when:

It’s amazing how many people contested this position.

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