By Felix Salmon
June 17, 2011

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A Map and Simple Heuristic to Detect Fragility, Antifragility, and Model Error — Taleb/SSRN

Capital One to buy ING’s U.S. online bank for $9 billion — Reuters

Why it’s important to evaluate the Millennium Villages — Boston Review

AARP dropping its longstanding opposition to cutting Social Security benefits — WSJ

Spam books clog Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing — Reuters

How much does it cost to purchase the U.S. Web video rights to a hit Japanese TV show? Not very much — All Things D

Chris Matthews only reads online content insofar as it’s printed out on paper by his producers? — Atlantic Wire

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Single best line from Taleb’s paper (on p. 15):

“CVar & Var: these are totally ineffective, no need for further discussion here (or elsewhere).


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I *highly* recommend Marcia Angell’s latest report in her ongoing investigation of the medicalization of mental illness:  /2011/jun/23/epidemic-mental-illness-wh y/

Posted by dedalus | Report as abusive

Loving Talebs ongoing attempt at intellectual terrorism. You do realise what he wrote was pure gibberish right?

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