June 20, 2011

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Bill Clinton has 14 very good ideas about how to increase employment — Newsweek

Debbie Reynolds sells Marilyn Monroe’s frock for $4.6m — Guardian

New York Post Blocks iPad Access Via Safari — PaidContent

The bitcoin fiasco continues. Watch anarcho-libertarian techno-utopians get their comeuppance — Ars Technica

The Globe and Mail investigates Sino-Forest. Findings consistent with Muddy Waters — G&M

Hitchens squirts venom at David Mamet — NYT

Oaktree Capital Files to Go Public — NYT

The one good thing about “Green Lantern”: this review from Chris Orr — Atlantic

My birthday present, from William Powhida and Michelle Vaughan — Powhida

Hans Werner Sinn replies – On and off target — VoxEU

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat. An article Thursday incorrectly called her a Republican.” — WSJ

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