By Felix Salmon
June 27, 2011

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Central bankers agree on bank capital surcharge plan — Reuters

The president’s trademark approach to leadership: “the fierce urgency of sometime later” — HuffPo

James Murdoch sounding more and more like the CEO of News Corp — FT

Teams, & how John Paulson didn’t see China for the Sino Forest trees — Bronte

Atop TV Sets, a Power Drain Runs Nonstop — NYT

Ex-media mogul Conrad Black sent back to prison — Reuters


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Conrad Black’s supporters continue to adore him, being he is such a gentleman and a scholar. Black himself will tell you he spent his time in prison teaching and sharing his talents, while those in the know say he paid off others to be his lackeys and do his duties.

His supporters believe anyone who thinks his actions were criminal are jealous… and he being our “Canadian royalty” not a bad word is to be spoken of him…

Although he certainly is guilty, there are many more deserving of his fate who are off Scot-free and will never set foot in a prison. I will give his supporters that one…

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Regarding that TV set story, I have been poking TiVo for YEARS about the fact that I as a user would like the option to tell my TiVo box to spin down its drive when not either playing or recording stuff I told it I want. It keeps a 30 minute buffer of whatever channel it happens to be tuned to, at all times. WTF? I program it to record the stuff I want. It NEVER needs a buffer of live TV. It’s really annoying. I’ve submitted this as a feature request on their site two or three times, and mentioned it to tech support types every time I’ve talked with them…

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