By Felix Salmon
June 28, 2011
PE Hub

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This private equity shop can’t possibly be evil! The founder went to Wharton twice! — Influx

“Is the nation waiting with bated breath for us to get to the Calvin Coolidge coin? No!” — NPR, see also.

Felix Investments Sues SecondMarket over a failed Facebook deal — PE Hub

Emanuel Derman, now blogging at Reuters — Reuters

RIP: “Google said it will terminate its PowerMeter service on September 16″ — Reuters

Against Google directions — wwword


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Felix! I just checked, and your Wikipedia is out of date…it doesn’t even say you’re married!

Also, Emanuel Derman said your middle name is interesting, but I can’t find a record of it! Dish, please :)


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The only way to get people used to something new easily is to gradually make it obsolete.

Canada announced it was no longer making bills, introduced the coins, and as the bills became useless for tender,were replaced with coins.

The BANKS are sending back the coins, not the people. Most people haven’t had the opportunity to see them and get used to them. And for those of you who do not like carrying coins, carry fivers and a couple of coins. They will slip into the little pockets of your wallet quite nicely and all wallets will come out with just such a place to put them once it catches on.

(It is laughable people saying they would feel silly with a pocket full of coins and will rip their pockets … as yes, you would be silly to carry a bloody pocket full of coinage, but that’s a rather dumb excuse for not having a dollar coin)

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Stumptown’s huge in Portland, with so many local coffee houses brewing with Stumptown’s beans. It is this thought of selling out to the Man, that really drives locals angry and sad at the same time. If VooDoo Doughnuts sold out to the Man, people would probably be burning doughnuts on the Willamette.

I predict Intelligentsia will benefit most.

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Felix, Wyoming knows how to fill the empty houses… 8/us-usa-shell-companies-idUSTRE75R20Z20 110628

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I absolutely hate when someone gives me directions with no idea how many miles it is from one turn to the next. “Just after you pass under the railroad tracks” is great, especially if it’s only a quarter mile after the last turn, but if I go five miles before I get to the railroad tracks, I’m anxious until I see the street sign that I may have missed previous railroad tracks, or I might be about to miss ones up ahead. Especially where a turn is hidden or nondescript, the odometer is essential.

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