By Felix Salmon
July 5, 2011

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Neither interviewer nor politician comes across well here but make sure you watch the video — Guardian

Google Loses Access to Twitter Stream, Suspends Realtime Search — Mashable

When (and why) Rape Victims Lie — Sasha Said, see also NYP

How News of the World journalists deleted voicemail messages, raising false hopes Milly Dowler was alive — Guardian

London Has $34B of Luxury Homes in Pipeline — Bloomberg

Nouriel’s been called many things. This may however be the first time he’s been called “economic hepatitis” — LoSC

The technology inside Apple’s $50 Thunderbolt cable — Ars Technica

Chart: percentage of bike commuters who are women, against percentage of commuters who are bike commuters, by city — Tumblr

Princess Charlene of Monaco ‘tried to flee three times’ — Telegraph

Tim Harford on the importance of bank capital — FT

85-year-old NYPD officer kills pedestrian with police van — DNA Info

Itamar Franco is dead — Bloomberg

Google bid pi for Nortel patents and lost — Reuters

NYPD Fireworks Destruction Extravaganza — YouTube

On Attribution and Credit — Daring Fireball

Bob Rubin: don’t blame me, blame the media — Reuters

Zynga has nearly $1 billion in the bank. Obviously not IPOing ‘cos it needs the money — Fortune


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I hope you have an assistant to read all the crap you link to: you remind me of Naked Capitalism. Is this the future of blogging: becoming Huffington.

Posted by walt9316 | Report as abusive

@walt9316: Your rudeness might be better appreciated at a less intelligent venue. If you don’t like Felix’s links, don’t read them. I for one find much usefulness in checking the Counterparties section of this blog on a daily basis, and therefore resent your attempt to discourage Felix from posting them. Not that I believe he would be as such discouraged. More so that I personally would like to be spared having to see ignorant comments here as much as possible.

Posted by EricVincent | Report as abusive

@walt9316 If a link list comprised the sole content of Felix’s daily contribution, your complaint would be valid. However, that is not the case. There’s no reason for such venom. Consider “Counterparties” as lagniappe, a bonus, something extra.

Also, Naked Capitalism isn’t THAT bad! I would hardly consider it as a HuffPo-equivalent.

Posted by EllieK | Report as abusive

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