July 5, 2011

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Neither interviewer nor politician comes across well here but make sure you watch the video — Guardian

Google Loses Access to Twitter Stream, Suspends Realtime Search — Mashable

When (and why) Rape Victims Lie — Sasha Said, see also NYP

How News of the World journalists deleted voicemail messages, raising false hopes Milly Dowler was alive — Guardian

London Has $34B of Luxury Homes in Pipeline — Bloomberg

Nouriel’s been called many things. This may however be the first time he’s been called “economic hepatitis” — LoSC

The technology inside Apple’s $50 Thunderbolt cable — Ars Technica

Chart: percentage of bike commuters who are women, against percentage of commuters who are bike commuters, by city — Tumblr

Princess Charlene of Monaco ‘tried to flee three times’ — Telegraph

Tim Harford on the importance of bank capital — FT

85-year-old NYPD officer kills pedestrian with police van — DNA Info

Itamar Franco is dead — Bloomberg

Google bid pi for Nortel patents and lost — Reuters

NYPD Fireworks Destruction Extravaganza — YouTube

On Attribution and Credit — Daring Fireball

Bob Rubin: don’t blame me, blame the media — Reuters

Zynga has nearly $1 billion in the bank. Obviously not IPOing ‘cos it needs the money — Fortune


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