July 6, 2011

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The managing editor of Seattle Weekly weighs in on VVM vs Ashton Kutcher — Reuters

“Paying for Web content is fairly rare; customers willing to do so should be treasured, not treated like garbage.” — Useit

The maid’s complaint against the NY Post, in full — Scribd

Looks like I’m going to have to find time to go back to Dulwich this summer, pay respects to Cy Twombly — Guardian

I want to be Swiss, just so I can vote for the Anti Power Point Party — CNet

1776 Declaration of Independence, yours for $1.6 million at the NYT store — NYT store

Rebekah Brooks says it’s inconceivable she knew about her newspaper’s hacking of missing girl’s phone — Guardian

The Mother of All No-Brainers — Brooks/NYT


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