July 8, 2011

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Namibia strikes black gold, in massive amounts — Opalo

Emanuel Derman: “often, funnily enough, business life can be more collegial than college life” — Reuters

Ken Auletta: Rupert isn’t firing Brooks ‘cos he’s only got 2 friends, and she’s one of them — TNY

Why do I get the feeling this ain’t one of those movies which initially gets released only in NY and LA? — TBI

In which I talk debt ceiling negotiations with Chuck Scarborough, legendary NY anchor — NBC

Jailed for cashing Chase check at Chase bank — Consumerist

If you work at AP and express public joy about the NY gay-marriage bill, you’ll get disciplined — Poynter

A fascinating post on why Japan’s economy is much better than you think — Fingleton

My Ten-Point Action Plan for Spending One Million Dollars at Tiffany — Awl


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