July 22, 2011
NYT, see also

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Are the Winklevii the whiniest multi-millionaires in the world? Yes, they are — WSJ

The best thing about the release of OS X 10.7 Lion? It means there’s a new John Siracusa review — Ars Technica

Grover Norquist Contradicts Grover Norquist — NPR

It’s almost impossible to read this and believe James Murdoch didn’t know why he was paying off Graham Taylor — NYT, see also

Lucian Freud, Adept Portraiture Artist, Dies at 88 — NYT

Jay Walder, M.T.A. Chief, Resigns Suddenly — NYT

Can you pick Wendi Deng out from her middle-school volleyball team photo? — Reuters

Ryan Chittum on Murdoch’s press defenders — CJR

How Superman saved the planet — SMBC Comics

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