By Felix Salmon
July 25, 2011

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DSK Maid Tells of Her Alleged Rape by Strauss-Kahn — Newsweek

The Norwegian shooter’s 1500-page manifesto — Scribd

All Gawker content is Creative Commons — Gawker

Hacking was endemic at Piers Morgan’s ‘Mirror’, says former reporter — Independent

Only 52% of Americans Approve of God’s Job Performance — Atlantic Wire

Give Directly. I like this a lot — MR

Wayne Barrett on the “display of raw political power” exercised by the Murdoch/Giuliani nexus — Daily Beast

Phone Hacking: emails next scandal, says Tom Watson — Telegraph


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I wonder how Mr Morgan’s ambush interview of MP Mensch looks now? The guy is a turd, so much to the point he was run out of his homeland.

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Very interesting story on the Murdoch/Giuliani nexus. (So it is more obvious now how the UK and USA were duped by the propaganda machine) Rather then be called a hero, perhaps there was more collusion and lies that a little digging might find on Guilliano. He may have needed a powerful ally like Murdoch.

The sleazy affairs, dumping of wives, manipulating and collusion (and possibly kickbacks at least in favours), narcissistic power plays of Guilliano sound a lot like Gingrich. (both Republican Presidential contenders at one time, which no longer surprises me)

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The IMF has released a plethora of charts in their staff report on the recovery in case you missed it. 11/pn1197.htm

the PDF 2011/cr11201.pdf

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The real scandal i guess is that the Mirror was getting all this hard data and STILL managed to regularly be factually inaccurate. Fake british soldiers and fake abuse anyone?

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