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The horrifying AAA debt-issuance chart

This is why I love FT Alphaville in general and Tracy Alloway in particular: she’ll dutifully read 14 pages into something entitled “The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Joint Forum Report on Asset Securitisation Incentives” before coming across this chart and immediately realizing just how important it is.

Readers won’t share ads

Is there a company in the world which isn’t trying to “harness and leverage the power of social media to amplify our brand” or somesuch? I’m a pretty small fish in the Twitter pond, and I get asked on a very regular basis to talk to various marketing types about how they should be using Twitter. A smart organization with a big Twitter presence, then, will naturally start trying to leverage its ability to leverage Twitter by putting together sophisticated presentations full of “insights to help marketers align their content-sharing strategies” and the like. Which is exactly what the New York Times has just done.

Will the virus claim Rupert Murdoch himself?

The News Corp hacking virus is proving both virulent and highly contagious. Rupert Murdoch tried to treat it with amputation, by closing down the News of the World, but the surgery came too late, and he couldn’t prevent the virus from spreading to the Sun and the Sunday Times. At that point, the virus was unstoppable: its next victim was Murdoch’s $12 billion bid to take control of BSkyB. Now, with the UK police investigation barely having started, the virus has managed to jump over the Atlantic: the FBI is getting involved, looking into allegations that Murdoch’s papers tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims.

The damage already done by the debt ceiling debate

Listen to anybody on Capitol Hill, and they’ll tell you that the debt ceiling debate is turning into a complete disaster, with the Republican rank and file such an inchoate mess that it increasingly seems as though no deal will get done at all. Look at the Treasury market, however, where the 10-year bond currently yields something less than 3%, and it looks decidedly sanguine; short-term debt maturing shortly after the drop-dead date of August 2 is similarly unaffected by the news from Washington.

It’s not easy, being a financial advisor

Last week, Scott Bell wrote a wonderful and heartfelt post about what it’s like being a financial advisor.


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Are principal writedowns bad for bank equity?

Steve Waldman has a fantastic reaction to my post about principal reductions, saying that “accounting is destiny”:

The new dynamics of Netflix

I’ve received some very interesting reactions to yesterday’s post on Netflix, including David Leonhardt reminding me about his profile of the company five years ago.


Simon Dumenco’s open letter to Peter Goodman on HuffPo’s aggregation — AdAge, see also