August 16, 2011

Warren Buffett called on Congress to tax the rich more heavily, which would include fellow richie Carl Icahn’s potential half-billion dollar capital gain in the Google-Motorola deal. Kudos to Staska for predicting that deal, by the way, though he low-balled how much the Goog was willing to shell out.

An analyst estimates that AOL is spending $160 million a year–half the cost of buying the Huffington Post–on its local news network Patch.

Record labels, apparently not screwed enough at the moment, are facing the threat of losing much of their backlist to artists and songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.

Presumably as some mysterious element of their plot to take over the world, Carlyle Group is reportedly selling America’s ninth-largest cable operator for about $3 billion while also paying over $4 billion for clinical research company Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.

And there are fewer Freemasons than there have been in a long, long time.


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