August 17, 2011

Lots of good news today! Regulators still have no particular way to unwind big banks, while Bruce Bartlett argues that aggregate demand isn’t changing any time soon. The German economy, Europe’s best hope, is starting to get echt scheisse. And Texas governor Rick Perry thinks Ben Bernanke is “almost treasonous.” Thanks, Rick.

Meanwhile, Manchester United is considering raising $1 billion in an IPO in Singapore. Is Man U being short sighted? Perhaps they’ll apply corrective vision to the back end of the deal. I always preferred the Red Rebels, anyway.

Here’s a possible explanation for why people bought T-bills after the downgrade: Is money a Giffen good? The troubled NY City Opera must be hoping that its subscriptions are Giffen goods: minimum subscription price is UP 400%.

In New York City, a judge tosses the lawsuit against the Prospect Park West bike lane, while GQ critic Alan Richman ravages hot new restaurant M. Wells.

Police in Santa Cruz, California are using a computer program to predict when and where crimes will occur and stop them before they start. No word on what happens if only two of the three pre-cogs agree.

Reuters’ own Anthony De Rosa is a New York Observer Media Power Bachelor. Congratulations, Soup. While Felix wasn’t eligible for that list, you are eligible to win a very handsome signed drawing of everyone’s favorite British finance blogger by becoming a fan of Reuters on Facebook. You’ll also win my undying enmity, as that print was supposed to be mine.

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