August 19, 2011

Michele Bachmann has promised to bring back $2 per gallon gas. But I want a chicken in every pot!

Tim Geithner’s 50th birthday cake is about as depressing as this economy. He should have just eaten a “supercookie.” Oh wait, no, that’s actually a new method websites are using to track your browsing history, the WSJ tells us.

British gilt yields fall to their lowest since the 1890s. German guilt’s still really high, otherwise they would have told PIIGS to take a hike by now.

Some great photographs of What They Were Thinking, then and now, in the New York Times Magazine.

AT&T charges you 10,000,000% more for sending data when it’s in a text message. While we’re on the subject of unfair, capricious bureaucracies, here’s an interesting Q & A with Eliot Spitzer on ratings agencies. “The metaphor I used to use is that it’s like getting a speeding ticket. You learn the lesson for some period of time but then 20 miles down the road, 30 miles down the road, your foot starts going back down on the accelerator. It’s a question of for how long we’ve learned the lesson.” Er, should we expect to find some more hookers twenty or thirty miles down the road?

Hundreds of foreign students in the U.S. on a summer work visa program staged a walkout at a Hershey’s plant, alleging heavy exploitation. I wonder: did the Oompa Loompas ever try that?

Ezra Klein says that FDR devaluing the dollar (and some help from Hitler) helped end the Depression. Bit of trivia: that same Executive Order is why Glenn Beck shills gold coins at a hefty markup.

And Anderson Cooper has a very severe case of the giggles.



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