By Nick Rizzo
August 23, 2011

Among television news outfits, the UK’s Sky News and its correspondent Alex Crawford absolutely owned the arrival of Libyan rebels in Tripoli over the weekend. Here’s how they did it. Speaking of a scramble in Libya, oil companies from nearly every major country are about to start fighting for a share of Libya’s new oil production deals.

Can Venture Capitalists time the market?

Canadian opposition leader Jack Layton has died of cancer, only a few months after leading his New Democratic Party out of the minor party political wilderness and into second place.

Malcolm Gladwell writes about the NBA lockout. I agree with him that former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey was a racist, and that the NBA owners are not generally a sympathetic lot. I disagree with almost every other word in his piece.

American craft beers like Brooklyn Brewery and Goose Island are the hot new trend in the British beverage industry, the Guardian reports.

Behold, the Meta-Pizza, a pizza made of pizza-flavored snacks.


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The American “craft brews” are reinterpretations of European beer styles made by former microbreweries purchased by global groups like Unibev. I guess this is payback for Stella Artois, the MGD of the EU, for which Americans pay $9 a six pack.

More fascinating to me is the explosive conquest of Baltica Breweries, which dominates Eastern Europe and has a strong foothold in the US market. Their brand-averse “number” beers (particularly Baltica 3, 5, and 7) are charming classics that sell well, ship well, and are great values, and the giant version of Baltica 9 has achieved a certain grim infamy in the Midwest and Northeast.

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I believe I have been to three breweries, of which two are Brooklyn Brewery and Goose Island. (The third was one in Milwaukee, and I don’t currently remember what it was called.)

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I think that Goose Island will have a larger presence in Europe now because Inbev just purchased them earlier this year. As a Chicagoan who loves to stop by the brewery after a Cubs game that made me very sad to see them gobbled up by a conglomerate.

I am surprised to hear that Goose is selling well in Europe though. After all the brewery was started when a couple of Chicagoans went on holiday through Europe and could not find the great European style beers back in the U.S. upon their return home.

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What, nothing about the raid on Visa? PM&feature=feedu

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I am not a Gladwell fan but I thought this was actually a pretty good piece. Maybe you should consider a post explaining exactly what it is you disagreed with.

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