By Nick Rizzo
August 25, 2011

It turns out that Facebook’s “Places” application won’t be killing Foursquare after all.

After 42 years of confusion, we finally have an answer for how to spell Gaddafi’s surname in the Latin alphabet. Hint: it’s not Gaddafi.

Groupon is like a shark: it needs to keep moving (growing) to survive. Jeff Bercovici at Forbes outlines some of its problems.

The price of gold fell on Wednesday by a virtually unprecedented amount. Gold skeptics were not shy about expressing their pleasure. If they really wanted to mess with the Gold Bugs, they’d learn these easy steps to counterfeit gold bars.

And it turns out that writing a cinematic flop has a lot in common with working on a losing election campaign.

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Whoa. In that case, Groupon really screwed up when they turned down Google’s buyout offer.

Posted by GRRR | Report as abusive

Groupon link gives an error report. Forbes firewall?


Posted by REDruin | Report as abusive

It looks like the Groupon article’s link must have changed. Here’s the current one: i/2011/08/24/its-getting-harder-to-buy-g roupons-growth-story/

Posted by spectre855 | Report as abusive

“But Groupon doesn’t have any choice but to keep growing at any cost: If it were to slow down, the money it owes merchants for deals already sold would quickly drag it into insolvency, as Henry Blodget points out.” Isn’t there a five letter word for that, beginning with P?

Posted by kenjd | Report as abusive

Thanks for finding that! The link is fixed now.

Posted by Nick Rizzo | Report as abusive
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