September 1, 2011

A new report suggests that we’ve now put too much of our junk in space. But there will soon be less junk on Netflix streaming: Starz, Netflix streaming’s largest provider, has announced that they won’t be renewing their deal with Netflix in February, 2012. (Not a huge surprise; they were getting hosed.)  I’m still angry at Starz for cancelling Party Down.

Steve Jobs was against the tablet before he was for it.

B-School admissions are getting even more gimmicky. Meanwhile this UCLA math major had a bizarre idea for an end-of-summer-break lark: joining the Libyan rebels.

There really was a lot of news in August this year, the WSJ‘s Speakeasy blog reports. Meanwhile, Spiegel breaks down how Wikileaks managed to lose 250,000 diplomatic cables.

The Other Felix has a good profile of British PR maven Matthew Freud (yes, those Freuds), who is the husband of Elisabeth Murdoch. (Yes, those Murdochs.) In other rich people news, the wealthy are apparently now selling gold, and buying art. Haven’t they generally done that pretty much forever?

A former Bill Clinton aide is expected to be the new Prime Minister of Haiti. Huh.

And a pickup truck carrying large bags of marijuana overturned in San Jose, California. “Passers-by took care of much of the cleanup, police said.”


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