September 6, 2011

Microsoft releases its Ten Immutable Laws of Computer Security, showcasing their usual flair for graphic design. We particularly like number nine.

The New York Post reports that forty six people were shot in New York City over the long weekend and that’s not counting the three civilians killed and two policeman injured in Crown Heights last night. This is the highest total for one weekend in the city in a very long time. “I can’t remember a couple of hours like these since the days of crack,” said one source. Meanwhile, Yosemite National Park is also having its deadliest year in more than a decade.

Rupert Murdoch’s papers aren’t the only UK tabloids with egg on their face: the Daily Mail just made its sixth recent apology, this time for alleging that Vanessa Redgrave “had once found her husband in bed with her father.” Oof.

After an initial denial, the San Francisco Police Department is now acknowledging that their investigators did assist Apple in searching for a missing iPhone 5 prototype. This is important because SF police officers literally knocked on a door, identified themselves as police and then stood aside as private Apple detectives searched the home and made threats against its residents.

And here’s a quick Q&A with cyberpunk founder William Gibson.


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