September 9, 2011

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Obama’s address to Congress —

Americans still prefer to have male bosses — Gallup

92% of Afghan men ages 15 to 30 have never heard of 9/11 — WSJ

Economists call Romney’s economic growth projections “a stretch” — NYT

BofA’s CEO has a t-shirt in his office that reads: “Grind Together, Shine Together” — Businessweek

Bernanke warns of the consequences of a “substantial fiscal consolidation” — Federal Reserve

Why “we had to save banks in order to sue them” — Bloomberg

Why is Britain’s debt still AAA? — Alphaville

The Fed is considering three unconventional moves (not including QE3) — WSJ

Michael Arrington out at AOL — Fortune

HuffPost publishes its first e-book — Poynter

Gothamist publishes its first e-book — Gothamist

Vikram Pandit’s “globality” strategy for Citi may be in trouble — Bloomberg

Martin Wolf: The market is telling us to borrow and spend – and we’re not listening — FT


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