September 12, 2011

Carol Bartz is off the Yahoo! Board, and $10 million richer. — All Things D

The Pittsburgh metropolitan area is one of the country’s least diverse. — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Southwestern Pennsylvania is whiter even than the Amish country around Lancaster, the Mormon population center of Salt Lake City, Midwest agrarian capitals such as Des Moines, Iowa, and far more isolated places like Boise, Idaho.

Michael Pettis argues that having the dollar as reserve currency is a bad thing for the U.S. economy. — Foreign Policy

Consuming beyond your means, in other words, is considered a curse for other countries even as they insist that it is a privilege for the United States.

Raghuram Rajan considers whether inflation is the solution to our debt troubles. — Project Syndicate

The central bank needs rapid, sizeable inflation to bring down real debt values quickly – a slow increase in inflation (especially if well signaled by the central bank) would have limited effect, because maturing debt would demand not only higher nominal rates, but also an inflation-risk premium to roll over claims.

The Georgia jobs program touted by Obama is nearly bankrupt, its director says. — Reuters

Only 12 unemployed people signed up in August and 92 have done so since February, according to state Department of Labor statistics.

Dexter Filkins goes long on the murder of Pakistani journalist Syed Shahzad, presumably by his own country’s military. — New Yorker

Muhammad told me that his most memorable job came in December, 2001, when he was part of a large I.S.I. operation intended to help jihadi fighters escape from Tora Bora—the mountainous region where bin Laden was trapped for several weeks, until he mysteriously slipped away.

An incredible graphic taken from voicemails left for United 93 passenger Mark Bingham. — San Jose Mercury News via Charles Apple


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