By Felix Salmon
September 14, 2011

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Elizabeth Warren to announce Senate bid — HuffPo

El-Erian Says Europe Is Nearing a ‘Full-Blown’ Banking Crisis — Bloomberg

Number of poor Americans hits an all-time high of 46.2 million — Census Bureau; see also

“Vladimir Putin: Action Man” — The Atlantic

A look at the frightening bank run that could follow a Greek default — Fortune

News Corp. shareholders launch corporate misconduct complaints against Murdoch — Guardian

5,400 ex-Congressional staffers have left to become lobbyists in the last 10 years — WaPo

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One comment so far

1. Is Warren cut out for politics?
2. I wonder how PIMCO is positioned?
3. See my post, Welcome to the New Depression 1/09/got-couple-of-numbers-for-you-199-a nd.html

4. Putin? Eh
5. Party like it’s 1931?
6. Where a Raider like Carl Icahn when you need him
7. In DC, that’s called the “Dynamic Job Creating Private Sector”

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