September 16, 2011

FBI agents have received training that “mainstream” Muslims are “violent” terrorist sympathizers — Wired

The heretofore rocky Groupon IPO could come as soon as late October — Dealbook

Goldman Sachs is shutting down its Global Alpha hedge fund — WSJ

Jesse Eisinger: How much capital a bank like, say, Wells Fargo, has is largely “guesswork” — ProPublica

In this climate of economic uncertainty, Black Swan funds are soaring — Bloomberg

Geithner reportedly wants the EU’s bailout fund to be a lot like ours — Reuters

Alleged UBS rogue trader’s last Facebook post: “Need a miracle” — FT

The SEC steps up its CDO probe, and may also be near a settlement with Citigroup — WSJ

The “Texas Miracle” for jobs is largely attributable to growth in four metropolitan areas — The Atlantic Cities

John Mack will step down as chairman of Morgan Stanley — Dealbook

Losing your job during a recession can cut your earnings by 19% — Brookings

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