By Nick Rizzo
September 16, 2011

FBI agents have received training that “mainstream” Muslims are “violent” terrorist sympathizers — Wired

The heretofore rocky Groupon IPO could come as soon as late October — Dealbook

Goldman Sachs is shutting down its Global Alpha hedge fund — WSJ

Jesse Eisinger: How much capital a bank like, say, Wells Fargo, has is largely “guesswork” — ProPublica

In this climate of economic uncertainty, Black Swan funds are soaring — Bloomberg

Geithner reportedly wants the EU’s bailout fund to be a lot like ours — Reuters

Alleged UBS rogue trader’s last Facebook post: “Need a miracle” — FT

The SEC steps up its CDO probe, and may also be near a settlement with Citigroup — WSJ

The “Texas Miracle” for jobs is largely attributable to growth in four metropolitan areas — The Atlantic Cities

John Mack will step down as chairman of Morgan Stanley — Dealbook

Losing your job during a recession can cut your earnings by 19% — Brookings

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In short order there will be hedging of the hedges against uncertainty.

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Given that Mr Eisinger, like most of the other shaved chimps in his profession, basically doesn’t have a clue about the field and has shown difficultly reading simple english and doing simple arithmetic, that reading a financial statement is well beyond him.

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1. That sure is enlightening. Here is a Gallup poll from last month that showed that Muslim Americans were the LEAST likely to approve of military attacks against civilians! It actually kind of shocked me: -americans-no-justification-violence.asp x

2. That means Groupon is burning even more cash, at a faster rate, as a bigger percentage of revenue, and the rate is itself increasing (2nd derivative AND 1st derivative positive!). Time to fleece the public for funds!

3. Goodbye global alpha

4. Capital? What Capital?

5. If black swan funds are anything like bear funds, they’ll be out of business soon, even if the market does drop, or even if there is volatility. Because of the “daily reset”, they perform the opposite of dollar-cost-averaging, meaning they DROP in the long term, particularly when volatility are high. Short the bear funds, AND but puts on the long funds

5. Can we send Geithner over to the Bundesbnk, i mean, ECB? Perhaps he can be Trichet’s boss? Might save Obama. Too late, Obama has already blown his Presidency! 1/09/moment-obama-ruined-his-presidency. html

That’s all for now! More later from the Economic Maverick. Thanks for the great stuff

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