By Nick Rizzo
September 17, 2011

Home prices are down, but rents are rising — NYT

Google Propeller, the Facebook/Flipboard killer, might be pretty cool. Or not – AllThingsD

BofA’s nuclear option: a Countrywide bankruptcy — Bloomberg

The Official Secrets Act forces the Guardian to reveal their sources – Guardian

What could America be good at? – Econobrowser

How opaque ETFs lead to UBS’s huge rogue trader losses  — FT Alphaville

UBS’s loss “came from lots of small trades over months.” No word about the Swiss Franc. – BBC News

And leveraged lending activity is up 74% year-over-year — WSJ



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Not so fast about the Guardian. A demand has been made, but Rusbridger says they will fight.

Posted by kenjd | Report as abusive

Good luck to The Guardian. This isn’t a case of The Guardian having committed a “crime” – rather, this is petty, vindictive BS. Unfortunately, the objective reality is quite simple: the police hadn’t done their job to that point – rather, they were bought off by corporate interests.

I hope the Guardian takes its case to the streets every day until it is finally dropped. Will we ever be rid of the corruption from the Murdoch empire?

Posted by Unsympathetic | Report as abusive

Danny, that link goes to a post where someone admits that what they did was wrong. Also, the residence of the Guardian’s parent company, Guardian Media Group, is the UK.

Posted by Unsympathetic | Report as abusive

He was saying it was wrong? We must have been reading a different article.

Anyone with a passing acquaintance with the UK media knows what fraudulent, dishonest, self-righteous, hypocritical scum the Guardian are.

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