By Nick Rizzo
September 21, 2011

UBS CEO Oswald Gruebel has apparently been asked to leave — FT Alphaville

Here’s a first look at BankSimple, a startup that promises to change the way we deal with money — BankSimple Blog

How a small college inherited a 1000-year trust that threatened to bankrupt the nation. A great read — Lapham’s Quarterly

Congressional GOP to Bernanke: You’ve done enough already — WSJ Real Time Economics

The Fed: No we haven’t. The Economist: “The hysteria over inflation has no obvious factual basis.” Take that, Volcker! — The Economist

Meg Whitman is reportedly being considered for the HP CEO position — AllThingsD

The White House has a “woman problem” — TIME Swampland

This guy was front-running Goldman Sachs from inside the firm, with a TD Ameritrade account — NPR Marketplace

Existing home sales are up 7.7% since the previous month, but prices remain flat or down — Reuters

And our new favorite Tumblr (besides Reuters Explains): Strange Bloomberg Headlines — Strange Bloomberg Headlines


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Wouldn’t the 1000 year trust ultimately lead to zero interest rates, rather than a bankrupt nation?

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Marketplace is produced by American Public Media (APM), not National Public Radio (NPR).

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