September 23, 2011

Gold and silver had a “historically awful” week — WSJ Marketbeat

Bank of America seeks to slice $800 million in pizza assets — Bloomberg

Fannie Mae’s own law firms were robo-signing, according to a new FHFA report — AP

Why monetary policy is almost helpless against consumer deleveraging — Macro Resilience

The Eurozone crisis is a systemic failure — Streetlightblog

Robert Shiller: The debt debate destroyed any exuberance the American consumer might have possessed — Reuters

Older workers who lose their jobs are twice as likely to become long-term unemployed — HuffPo

One day on a Chicago city payroll earns man a $158K pension — Chicago Tribune

AOL is now requiring some Patch editors to generate sales leads as well — Business Insider

And Jacob Weisberg just eviscerates Ron Suskind — Slate





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