September 26, 2011

Treasuries due in 10 years or more have returned 28% this year — Bloomberg

China’s economy is still growing, but social unrest is way up — WSJ

Meanwhile, in the U.S., property crime has decreased in proportion to GDP losses — Economist

A booming North Dakota town has 3,000 unfilled jobs and parking spots that go for $1,200 — NPR

Dan Ariely says to be as vague as possible when hiring people — BusinessWeek

Alphaville has UBS’s Gruebel’s goodbye memo — FT Alphaville

Tumblr lands $85 million in new funding — NYT Bits

Netflix cuts a streaming deal with Dreamworks, but it doesn’t come cheap — NYT

Berkshire Hathaway is buying back shares, paying a premium of up to 110% — Bloomberg

And five banks account for 96% of the $250 trillion in outstanding derivative exposure — ZeroHedge

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