By Nick Rizzo
October 3, 2011

The S&P 500 declining for five consecutive months does not augur well for its near future –The Big Picture

The September ISM report says that the manufacturing sector is up slightly –ISM

Rick Perry used millions in taxpayer money to bring subprime lenders to Texas — AP

Koch Industries reportedly bribed international officials, did business with Iran — Bloomberg

Shell is accused of funding militant violence in Nigeria — Guardian

Sprint is about to “bet the company” on the iPhone, buying 30.5 million units — WSJ

Analysts expect Goldman Sachs to show  “compensation discipline” after a bad quarter — FT Alphaville

American Airlines shares are way down; here are its 25 largest investors — ZeroHedge

Citi CFO: Our gross derivative exposure to Europe is irrelevant — WSJ

Mike Konczal points out several reasons why some of America’s youth have taken to the streets — NewDeal2.0

ABC News and Yahoo will be sharing web content — NYT Media Decoder

Michael Lewis made $10 a word at Portfolio, probably about that much at Vanity Fair — New York

Memoirs of a markets reporter — CJR

And here is the strangest question ever asked on a workplace ethics quiz — Happy Place


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Feed of a few dozen occupy sites.

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sorry, meant to write

Feed of a few dozen occupy websites.

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Did you know, today’s 30 year bond rate is lower than the one-month rate on January 17, 2008?

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Here’s the best part of the Lewis profile, and the part I would think most relevant to Mr. Salmon: “I’ll be like, ‘I just wrote a 12,000-word piece about Germany in Vanity Fair. And people are reading it.” He laughs. “You do that. Do that. I’m waiting for it.” He shakes his head. “People whose job it is to generate an instant view … You do that enough, you forget what that person who is creating things did. All you are doing is responding to the things in front of you.”

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