October 11, 2011

EU bank stress tests will be getting a bit more stressful — Reuters

A bond market indicator suggests a 60% chance of another recession — Bloomberg

The Super Committee has six weeks left to cut $1.2 trillion; it now meets in private — NYT

Unemployment benefits for six million looks dicey next year without a new jobs bill — CNNMoney

Only 10 people work at an institute Rick Perry says created 12,000 jobs — WSJ

Investment banks are doing badly, while some retail banks are up — Bloomberg

Nouriel Roubini’s research firm is for sale, claims 40% revenue growth in 2013 — CNBC

Are ETFs responsible for all the late-day selloffs and rallies we’ve been seeing? — Dealbook

Elizabeth Warren’s great sin: “she knew what she was talking about” — Vanity Fair

Please stop sending t-shirts to Haiti — Foreign Policy

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